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Bucuresti [RO] - New trolleybuses and routes planned

J. Lehmann - 11.08.08

There is a intend to purchase 150 new trolleybuses, but for the moment RATB is just drawing up the tender documents and no tender notice has been given so far. This will happen later, with the approval of the Municipality of course. Regarding the replacement of the first 100 415T Ikarus trolleybuses, RATB has not taken any decision in to replace the now up to eleven years old trolleybuses.
RATB intend to extend the trolleybus system and there will be a new trolleybus route from Piata Sudului to Unirea probably in October. At the same time RATB has submitted a proposal to the Municipality in order to set up a trolleybus route crossing from the North to the South of Bucharest, from Baneasa to Berceni. RATB supports trolleybus transport and they see it as an alternative to private transport because it is more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective.

Trolleybus 5302, followed by 5255 on 09.09.07, taken by Alexandr Zisser