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Moskwa [RU] - Only a few articulated trolleybuses served in the would greatest trolleybus-system

J. Lehmann - 21.07.08

A era of articulated trolleybus-operation closed on 29th February 2008, when ZIU-683 No.3613, which dated from 1991, was withdrawn.
Of the more than 1.600 trolleybuses, located in eight depots, the proportion of articulated trolleybus were in November 2007 only 4.1%. The retired cars were replaced by new low floor articulated trolleybuses. Beneath a single piece of type MTRZ-6232 (No.3690) which scheduled service in December 2007, low floor articulated trolleybuses type TrolZa 6206 and the type VMZ 62.151 went into service. Until April 2008 were about 25 pieces of each design in operation. In addition, another 30 articulated trolleybuses type TrolZa 62052 (Bj.2004/05) and 4 ZIU-6205 (built 1999) were in the fleet.

A fire in depot 6 in February resulted in the destruction of six trolleybuses, including newly-delivered two-axle Troiza Megapolis 6455 and the articulated version with fleet number 6619.

Joining other Belarussian vehicles in the fleet, namely 34 AKSM-101 and 119 AKSM-201.01, ten new AKSM-321 arrived in January 2008. The operation proves satisfactory, ten similar vehicies were obtained in June 2008.

This message is from the Trolleybus Magazine (Orginal in TM 280), with the kind permission of the editor added with information from the homepage The Trolley Magazine is published every two months and reported worldwide about the trolleybuses, see related link!

Above: TrolZa-articulated trolleybus 3676 in use on line 34 on 06.04.2008, taken by Alexander Konov
Below: Low-floor trolleybus AKSM-321 No.6819 on 09.03.2008 in use on route 78, behind one of the numerous designs of the legendary ZIU 682, with over 70% most of the car parks concerned. Photo Taken by: Viktor Kravchenko

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