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Yerevan/Jerewan (Eriwan) [AM] - First new trolleybuses after 15 years

J. Lehmann - 07.07.08

A major fleet renewal programme has been announced in 2006,
with the expectation that around 20 new trolleybuses will
be acquired each year in the period 2007-10.
Delivery commenced in September 2007 of eighteen VZTM-5280 trolleybuses with LiAZ bodies.
The fleet includes several Skoda 14Tr, also some from the closed
system at G├╝mri.
The donated ex-Lyon - trolleybus are numbered 52-55, 59.
Routes 1,2, 10 and 15 were noted in operation in August 2006.

ex Lyon 53, taken by Martin Stiasny, 2006

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