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Cagliari [IT] - extension planned

J. Lehmann - 18.08.08

In October the undertaking announced plans for the significant expansion of the trolleybus system, namely the extension of route 31 within Quartu to Piazza IV Novembre, reportedly at the request of the local council there, and the electrification of bus route 6. The current route 6 still runs from Borgo Sant'Elia to the city centre, but west of Viale Bonaria it follows Viale Regina Margherita and then the wiring of former route 7 as far as Via Dante. From there it continues eastwards, initially along former route 11 wiring, to Via Andorra, which is east and north of the former Via Rossini terminus.

The current fleet now comprises 36 Socimi trolleybuses, 616-51, but four of these (No. 619, 627, 629 and 649) have been out of Service for at least three years. The 15 Inbus/Marelli F140 trolleybuses have been disposed of, and in November all but one were seen in a scrapyard about 20 km north of Cagliari.

Photo: Dirk Budach