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Castellón [ES] - Opening!

J. Lehmann - 30.06.08

19 years after the closure of the last system (Pontevedra 1989) trolleybuses return to the streets of Spanish cities: The official opening ceremony of the first stretch of Castellón's route 1 Universitat UJI – Parque Ribalta (2km, 5 stops) took place on 25 June 2008. Three Cristalis/CIVIS trolleybuses with additional 109kW IVECO diesel motor are in service on the route which is entirely on reserved track with optical guidance. The vehicles use electric traction on the entire line, however, turning at Parque Ribalta in the middle of a jucntion between to main streets is done in diesel mode. The trolleybuses are numbered 146/147/148.

Further openings are expected later this year with the prolongation (400 metres) crossing Parque Ribalta and subsequently via the old town centre to Grao (harbour). In 2010 the route should continue along the coastline to Benicassim, by 2011/12 a second route to Almassora/Burriana will be opened.

The new system will be marketed under the brand name: TRAM. The originally used term TVR Cas (Transporte Via Reservada Castellón) wont be used any longer.

Die S-Bahn verkehren von Montag bis Sonntag in der ersten Phase der Linie 1, dass eine Verbindung der Universitat Jaume I und Ribalta Park. Dieser Dienst wird über eine Frequenz von 5 Minuten von Montag bis Freitag, mit einer Flotte von drei Fahrzeugen. Das Wochenende, der Dienst wird über eine Frequenz von 15 Minuten, in denen ein Fahrzeug wird die Reise. Die S-Bahn erreichen Kreisverkehr Eingang des Campus, in der Avenida Sos Baynat, da der Zugang zur Universität ist an den Wochenenden geschlossen.

Photo: Trolleybus 146 and 148 on a special tour organized by Intraexpress, 23 May 2008. (Dirk Budach)