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Quito [EC] - Successful trolleybus-service

J. Lehmann - 14.04.08

The terminal points of Estaciön Norte and Estaciön Sur are now known officially äs Estaciön La Y and Estaciön El Recreo respectively. In October 2007, the following Services were being operated on the System, which is effectively one line, approximately 16 km, from Estaciön La Y, in the north, to the southern terminus of Morän Valverde:
C1 El Recreo - La Y, all day.
C2 Morän Valverde - La Y, morning and evening peak only.
C4 Morän Valverde - Colön, all day.
C5 El Recreo - Ejido, morning peak only.
CM Morän Valverde - El Recreo, all day (Some vehides show CMS).
CME Morän Valverde - Ejido, no Service after 19.00.
On Mondays to Fridays, routes C1, C2, C4, C5, CM are operated; on Saturdays and Sundays, routes C1, CM, CME are operated.
Generally, Service is provided 05.15 - 23.30 Mondays to Fridays, and 06.15 - 22.00 on Saturdays and Sundays. On route C2 there are semi-express journeys in the morning peak which serve eleven stops northbound, and four stops only southbound, out of a total of 32 stops on the entire route. Additional there is a Sightseeing tour, with qualified guides, which leaves La Y on Sundays at 17.00. This tour includes Operation in diesel mode on the Ecovia reserved-lane diesel bus route.
There is no specialwiring at the Ejido and Colön termini, trolleybuses turning on diesel mode and rewiring with the aid of rewiring "V" pans on the wiring.
The section from El Recreo to Morän Valverde is left-hand running throughout, the nine intermediate stops being of Island configuration. For most of this section, of 4.9 km, the trolleybuses run on reserved lanes in the middle of a dual-carriageway, Hugo Ortiz.
Only a few sections are shared with other traffic, so on the two-lane carriageway of Pedro Vicente Maldonado between Villa Flora and Jefferson Perez stops, a distance of approximately 1.5 km. There are also other short sections of the trolleybus route which are not reserved for trolleybus use only.

A map from Allen Morrison is avalable under:

This message is from the Trolleybus Magazine (Orginal in TM 278, see link), with the kind permission of the editor. The Trolley Magazine is published every two months and reported worldwide about the trolleybuses, see related link!

The following photo shows two trolleybuses (No.43 +42) on the bus lanes, which are exclusively reserved for the trolleybus-routes, taken by: Horst Schaffer, 13.02.2007

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