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Montreux-Vevey [CH] - Procurement of 16 new battery trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 20.11.17

In mid November it was announced that the local public transport operator VMCV selected the Belgian bus builder VanHool to supply 16 articulated trolleys, with a contractual option for 5 more. The value of the procurement was not immediately announced, as the contract still had to be signed after the mandatory standstill period.

Canton Vaud will contribute 1.6 million EUR to the fleet modernization. This government subsidy will help cover the higher acquisition cost of the new battery trolleys. VMCV plans to extend trolleybus operations but wants to do so without the construction of additional overhead power lines. thereby saving up to 4.4 million CHF. To this end, local improvement works on roads and other infrastructure are being supported by the canton to the tune of 7.34 million CHF.

Once the new hospital opens in Rennaz, the trolleybus line 201 will be extended there in battery mode. On 28 August 2017 the older VanHool trolleybus Nr. 11 is seen turning into the Rue du Coll├Ęge, while en route to the railway station.

As part of the future battery operations, the trolleys will go "pan down" and switch to battery mode at the current terminus. From there the vehicles will take a right turn into the Rue des Remparts and proceed to Rennaz. In order to build the new stops along the extended trolleybus route, public funding has now also been secured. On 28 August 2017, trolley Nr. 9 is seen at the current terminus. Photos: J. Lehmann

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