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Santos [BR] - Trolleybus service restarts

K. Budach - 30.10.17

As previously announced, the city's lone trolleybus line restarted revenue services on 22 August 2017, after 18 months out of use. Operations on the ring line had temporarily ceased, because power lines had to be disassembled and re-installed along a trolleybus - light rail level crossing.

Among local politicians, discussions continue if the trolleybus service should be maintained in the long run as a fully operational "historic monument" or if it should be replaced by electric battery buses.

A battery bus as well as a hybrid diesel bus have already been put into service on the trolleybus line, for trial purposes. At present, four trolleybuses are used for daily operations, with the entire fleet still consisting of six such units.

Trolleybus 5303 is seen on the circular ring line 20, which serves the city center.
Photo: LEXICAR / Antonio Gorni

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