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Praha [CZ] - In search of the most suitable electric bus

J. Lehmann - 30.09.17

Following the successful completion of a first test phase with the deployment of a type SOR EBN 11 electric bus supplied by the consortium of SOR and Cegelec, more trials on different lines are now planned in the Czech capital. Since the start of the pilot project on 1 September 2015 and until its conclusion in February 2017, the SOR e-bus ran for over 100 000 km. Re-charging the vehicle took place at the terminus through a tram-style pantograph. The prototype bus has been equipped with an all electric drive with electric heating, air conditioning as well as a heat pump.

The next test phase will now feature a battery trolleybus that makes use of dynamic in-motion charging. For that purpose, Prosecká Street has been fitted with bipolar power lines over a length of 1 km, between the Kundratka and Kelerka stops. As part of these new trials, line 140 will now run in electric mode only. The line runs between the Palmovka and Letňany metro stations in the north of Prague. A normal 10-minute headway is intensified to a 6-minute service pattern during peak hours. The steep incline from Palmovka up to the urban district Prosek was purposefully chosen as the test-bed location and therefore exactly that section of route has been fitted with overhead catenary for in-motion charging. Following the completion of pre-planned road works, the new catenary masts were quickly mounted, with the electrical cables installed shortly afterwards. First test runs with one of the new battery trolleys supplied by Skoda are expected to commence in October. These vehicles will also have another re-charging opportunity at the Palmovka terminus, as the previously used e-bus re-charging station from the Želivského terminus will be moved to Palmovka.

Another project, due to start in September 2018, will see the deployment 14 e-buses in city center of Prague. These single units will be 14 m long.

The SOR/Cegelec type EBN 11 e-bus completed 100 000 km during a trial phase that lasted from September 2015 to February 2017. Courtesy image: Cegelec

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