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Cluj-Napoca/Klausenburg [RO] - All 20 new Iveco/Astra articulated trolleys in service

J. Lehmann - 23.10.17

Since June 2017, all 20 articulated trolleybuses of the Iveco Urbanway 18 type have been delivered to Cluj. These have been fitted with electric equipment from the domestic producer Astra and were originally ordered in October 2015. They will now replace the 20 Rocar trolleys, some of which are up to 25 years old. Presently, 12 Rocar units are still part of the fleet, including the 6 articulated vehicles 020, 022, 055, 056, 060 and 086 as well as the 6 single units 076, 077, 079, 080, 135 and 136. Since late summer 2017, 3 of these articulated trolleys and 4 of the single units have been back in active service, while 6 other Rocar trolleys were cannibalized for spare parts and then scrapped.

Including all reserve vehicles, the Cluj trolleybus fleet presently consists of 89 units, with the current operations regime for all 7 trolleybus lines requiring about 70 vehicles during peak times.

At the moment, the municipal transport operator also has 11 electric buses on order from Solaris. These 12 m long battery buses are due for delivery in spring 2018 and will run on lines previously served by diesel units, thereby increasing the modal split in favor of sustainable electric traction. Should the battery buses prove their worth, another 19 units could be ordered through contractual options.

The newest of 20 Iveco/Astra Urbanway trolleybuses is seen on 18 September 2017 while running on line 6. Photo: Andrei Pintea
On 28 October 2014, the high-floor Rocar trolley 020 has been deployed as a reserve unit on line 25. Photo: J. Lehmann

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