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Beijing [CN] - Route 110 in service as 26th trolleybus route

K. Budach - 21.08.17

On 26 June 2017, revenue services started on the 26th trolleybus route of the Chinese capital. Now, line 110 is once again in use a trolley route. It marks the second time in its history, that buses run under electric wires there, as already previously from December 1959 to December 1976, the route was fitted with catenary and served by trolleybuses. During the first day of regular services on 26 June, four trolleys ran in alternation with four diesels. As line 110 shares part of its alignment with other trolleybus routes, new catenary only had to be installed on certain sections, although presently there are still gaps along the way, thereby requiring the trolleys to make use of their traction batteries for off-wire running. Once the buses are back under the catenary, these batteries can quickly re-charge through the overhead current or from regenerative breaking.

With thanks to Zachary Jiang for the photo and insights. Additional information has been taken from this internet forum:

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