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Sao Paulo (SPT) [BR] - New concession tendered

K. Budach - 21.08.17

During the past few years, the private company Grupo Rua has been tasked with running local trolleybus services in Sao Paulo, although the city has retained possession of all associated infrastructure, such as the substations and power lines. Now, the local government intends to put the public transport services back up for bid. For 2018, several new bus concessions will be tendered and potentially re-assigned. Since 1994, a variety of different private companies have run the trolleybus services in the urban core, with Grupo Rua taking over from Himalaia in 2013. Only the outer suburban lines of EMTU to the south of the city, have been under a separate operating contract. As part of the new tendering process, strict quality benchmarks are being implemented with regards to vehicle age. Diesel buses cannot be older than 10 years, while trolleys must not be older than 15. Currently the average age of the local trolleybus fleet is 6 years, with the oldest vehicles dating from 2010. All 201 trolleys in Sao Paulo already feature low-floor access.

Although the acquisition of "environmentally friendly" electric buses is planned in the future, it is possible that this may refer to hybrid or battery buses, rather than outright trolleys. The new bus concessions will be valid for 10 years.

The newest vehicles in the Sao Paulo trolleybus fleet are the 10 two-axle MAN/CAIO units. Also known als "Millenium BRT", they date from 2014. In this picture Nr. 1604 is seen in service on line 2100-10. Photo: Samuel Tuzi

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