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Saransk [RU] - 30 new trolleybuses presented

J. Lehmann - 12.06.17

In mid June, 30 new trolleybuses supplied by the domestic producer Trolza were ceremoniously inaugurated as part of an official presentation. They entered revenue service shortly afterwards. The new fleet is intended to help modernize public transport in the FIFA World Cup 2018 host city. A total of four games will take place in Saransk on 16, 19, 25 and 28 June 2018.

The partially low-floor Trolza trolleys of the type 5275.03 have been numbered as 1193-1200, 2201-2215 and 1216-1221. The first digit denotes their allocation to either depot 1 or 2.

Decorated with air balloons, the new trolleys are lined up along
ulitsa Ulyanova on 12 June 2017. Photo: Nikolai Semchev

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