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trolley:planung - New system in Şanlıurfa planed

K. Budach - 29.05.17

Following the successful development of a brand-new trolleybus network with BRT qualities in the Turkish city of Malatya in March 2015, the same urban transport concept is now planed for Şanlıurfa. The first trolleybus route is to run for a length of 7 km and use 10 double articulated units. In the medium term, the acquisition of 18 more trolleybuses is foreseen, with a planned network size of 17 km.

Şanlıurfa is located in southeastern Anatolia, not far from the Syrian border. The quickly growing city already has a population of 700 000 and sustainable, high capacity public transport is therefore a priority.

The brand-new, BRT quality trolleybus network in Malatya has become a role model for other Turkish cities. Here Malatya trolley 4406 is seen during a UITP conference in October 2015. Photo: Gunter Mackinger

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