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San Francisco [US] - Additional procurement approved

K. Budach - 29.05.17

Following the earlier order of 60 type New Flyer XT60 articulated trolleys, MUNI has now decided to replace all of the older high-floor Skoda/ETI 14TrM by 2019. According to the official SFMTA decision from 18 April 2017, the purchase of 185 new single units was formally approved. The acquisition is valued at 245 million USD.

The delivery of the first trolleys is already expected by late 2017, with trial services scheduled to commence right after arrival. As previously reported, 15 of the 245 Skoda/ETI dating from 2001-2003 have already been withdrawn.

In order to run all daily services, a total of 176 trolleys are presently required. In the future, this figure is expected to drop to only 140 units, when intervals will be stretched on some lines, while articulated trolleybuses will be used to boost services on other routes. Aside from the 60 articulated trolleys that are already in revenue service, another 33 have been ordered. These are due for delivery by 2019, when trolleybus line 49 is scheduled to resume operations on Van Ness Avenue. Presently the articulated trolleys are deployed on lines 14 to Mission, 30 to Stockton and 5/5R to Fulton, while the single units cover all other electric services.

On the steep routes, most trolleybus lines just make use of the single units. On this picture dated from 11 June 2009, Skoda/ETI Nr. 5436 and 5465 are running on line 24 along Noe Street and Cesar Chavez Street. Photo: Martin Schmelter

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