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Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico) [MX] - DINA prototype in revenue service

K. Budach - 22.05.17

The DINA prototype of the namesake Mexican producer is back on the streets of Mexico City, this time even in revenue service. Already two years ago, the trolleybus had been used for trials, but because the future of the entire trolley network in the Mexican capital was uncertain at that time, no deployment on regular passenger services was made. In the mean time, the closure of the network is no longer certain, also because there has been significant political opposition to such a move.

Based at the Tetepilco depot, the single unit is now used for revenue services on the so-called "Corredor Cero Emisi├│n", a BRT line with its dedicated bus lanes for part of the way. The difference between the low-floor DINA prototype and the older high-floor trolleys is quite distinct.

The trolleybus proponents have pointed out the success of the new DINA units in
Guadalajara. In Mexico City, the entire trolleybus fleet remains outdated and unreliable. It is in urgent need of general modernization, which is one reason why some politicians have used this as a pretext to close the whole system.

The DINA prototype with electrical equipment from Skoda is seen on Line A of the so-called "Corredor Cero Emisi├│n". DINA press photo

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