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Jihlava [CZ] - Construction of new trolleybus route to start in September

J. Lehmann - 24.07.17

Following the conclusion of the tendering process, construction work on the long-planned network extension is due to commence in early September 2017. The catenary masts have already been mounted along Vrchlického Street as part of earlier road works. The new 1.5 km long extension between lines B, BI and C will make use of overhead power lines. The strategic link will allow the new establishment of lines B and D as circular routes, rather than the previous regime of having to operate lines B and BI in a figure of eight. Line B will continue to connect the railway station with the city center and the local hospital. From there it will traverse over the new route via Vrchlického to S.K. Neumanna, before converging with line C and terminating at the station Staré Hory. A total of three new calling points will open along the new trolleybus route, including a halt at the popular "Uni Hobby" hardware store.

The new line D will replace line BI, connecting the the railway station and city center via Seifertova, before terminating at the hospital. All of these operational changes are due for final implementation by December 2017, when revenue services on the network extension are planned to commence. The new regime will not require additional vehicles. At present, a total of 18 trolleys are required to run a 12-minute headway on the 5 different lines. The total trolleybus fleet includes 29 vehicles, of which 23 are Solaris/Skoda 26Tr uad 6 are Irisbus/Skoda 24Tr.

There are plans to use EU funding to acquire 9 battery trolleys between 2020 and 2022, in order to boost the use of electric traction on presently non-electrified bus routes.

For the duration of the summer holidays, a reduced timetable has been in effect for July and August. Instead of an all-day 12-minute interval, trolleys only run that frequently during morning and afternoon peak periods, before reverting to a 15-minute pattern for off-peak services.

Top: Skoda 24Tr Nr. 65 is seen at the terminus of line C, which opened in February 2000. 500 m from this location, the new network extension will offer a connection to line B. The old balloon loop is still in place, although the wires have been disconnected from the rest of the network.
Bottom: Line BI will be discontinued as part of the new operating regime in Jihlava. On 23 May 2017, Solaris/Skoda 26Tr Nr. 79 is seen at the bus stop Sokolovna, the starting point of trolleybus route E. Photos: Jürgen Lehmann

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