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Presov [SK] - 15 new trolleys in service

J. Lehmann - 12.06.17

The delivery of 15 new trolleybuses was successfully completed in May 2017. The first two articulated units had already entered service in January 2017, with the remaining 8 following by April. These have been successively numbered as 722-731. The 5 single units are classified as 732-736 and started running in April and May. Produced by the Czech consortium of Skoda and SOR, the vehicles are of the 30Tr (single) and 31Tr (articulated) type. While the single units are a new model, the articulated trolleybuses are virtually identical with the earlier series 713-721. These 9 trolleys arrived in Presov between 2011 and 2015. Since 2006, a total of 24 articulated and 12 single units have helped modernize the local fleet, thereby improving barrier-free access through low-floor entry.

During peak traffic, a total of 32 trolleybuses are required on 7 different lines. While single units are deployed on routes 1, 2, 5 and 7, articulated trolleybuses are used on lines 4, 8 and 38. From the older series of high floor trolleys, a few units remain in active service as reserve vehicles. These are 116-118 (Skoda 15Tr, 1998/99) and 121-123 (Skoda 14Tr, 2000/02).

On 11 November 2016, the older high-floor Skoda Nr. 115 is still seen in revenue service, while running on line 38 and reversing at the terminus Sídlisko III. Photo: J. Lehmann

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