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Guangzhou [CN] - Supercap trolley on trial

J. Lehmann - 12.06.17

The prototype of a battery trolleybus with supercaps is presently completing extensive trials in revenue service on line 107. Specifically, the new vehicle is of the ZK6125BEVG9 type and locally classified as D1-A401. Built by the domestic producer Yutong, the single unit is 12.00 m long, 2.55 m wide and 3.50 m high. The wheel base is 6.10 m. While the Yutong type YTM280-CV4-H DC electric motor has a performance of 200 kW, the lithium-ion batteries with supercaps are listed at 22V 75Ah. Although the supercaps only have an energy density of 10% compared to the batteries, they help improve re-charging while off-wire, while ensuring steady voltage tension when drawing power from the catenary. In case of a power loss, the supercaps help compensate the energy loss and boost the electric traction motor. Specifically, this allows the trolleybus to run off-wires for up to 40 km, even while using the air-conditioning!

As of 1 June 2017, the Guangzhou trolleybus fleet consists of 289 units running on 12 lines. Virtually all trolleybus routes have longer sections without catenary and therefore all trolleys are also fitted with battery packs. To take advantage of this fleet capability, several trolleybus routes have recently been lengthened without the installation of overhead power lines. This includes line 107, where the Yutong prototype is now being used.

The Yutong ZK5125A technology demonstrator is seen in revenue service on line 107 near the Zhongshanba station. Photos and information: Yichen Jiang