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Kaunas [LT] - Cascaded trolleys enter service

J. Lehmann - 26.09.16

In late August, the first of 7 pre-used trolleys from Arnheim entered revenue service in Kaunas. The articulated units of the Berkhof Premier AT18 type had previously arrived to Lithuania in July by road. These 15-year old vehicles have now received a light green paint job, which corresponds to livery of the local Solaris Trollino buses, which have been in service since 2006/2007. The former Arnheim numbers 5213, 5212, 5217, 5219, 5218, 5220 and 5214 have been reclassified as 043-049 in Kaunas.

Even though they are a decade and a half old, these pre-used articulated trolleybuses from the Netherlands will help lower the average age of the Kaunas fleet. Until now, the majority of the fleet has still been made up of 100 Skoda 14Tr, which were acquired between 1984 and 1998, some of them pre-used from Plzen or Tallinn. Originally, 5 Skoda 15Tr articulated units were also part of the Kaunas fleet, but the first two were already withdrawn after 10 years of service, while another one was damaged by fire and finally the last 2 were rebuilt as singles in 2005. The backbone of the modern low-floor fleet are the 42 Solaris Trollino.

Top: On 8 September 2016, Berkhof 046 rubs shoulders with the 12-year older Skoda 14Tr Nr. 305 at the terminus Islandijos. Photo: Peter Hall
Bottom: On 24 September 2016, 048 is seen in revenue service on line 7. Photo Hugo Richter

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