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Zilina [SK] - Complete conversion to low-floor fleet initiated with latest procurement

K. Budach - 29.08.16

The local public transport company DPMZ has placed orders with Skoda Electric for 12 new articulated trolleybuses and 3 new single units, including contractual options for 6 more vehicles of each type. The modern, type 26Tr (single) and 27Tr (articulated) trolleys are to be delivered in 2017. The bus bodies are being built by Solaris in Poland. Once these trolleybuses are in revenue service, virtually the whole fleet in Zilina will consist of up-to-date, low-floor vehicles. The last remaining high-floor units of the 14Tr and 15Tr series will then be withdrawn.

Presently, the DPMZ fleet consists of 15 low-floor trolleybuses of the 30Tr and 31Tr types with electric equipment from Skoda and bus bodies from the Czech producer SOR. Until the older buses are withdrawn, the entire Zilina fleet also includes 17 articulated trolleys of the 15Tr make as well as 9 single units of the 14Tr type.

Nr. 240 is one of the older type 15Tr high-floor trolleys that will be retired, once the new Skoda 26Tr and 27Tr low-floor units arrive in Zilina in 2017. Photo: Martin Harák

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