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Chicago [US] - From Seattle to Illinois

K. Budach - 05.09.16

In late November 2015, the Illinois Railway Museum took receipt of the former Seattle trolleybus 4123. The only 14-year old trolley is now the newest item in a large collection of such vehicles at one the premier railway museums in the Midwest. Located in Union, Illinois, about 90 km northwest of Chicago, the museum opened in 1953 along a discontinued railroad route.

Presently 20 trolleybuses are stored on site, the oldest being from Chicago. This
American Car-Brill No.84 actually dates from 1930 and was part of a series of 41 such buses. Other preserved trolleybuses of local origin date from 1937 and 1951. There is also an articulated unit from 1948.

The latest preserved trolleybus is seen during its arrival in Illinois as well as later during a first trial run on the museum's very own trolley route. Photos: Ray Piesciuk, as extracted from the museum blog, see also:

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