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Sao Paulo (SPT) [BR] - All 6-wheelers retrofitted and repainted

K. Budach - 18.07.16

In order to enable deployment on lines 2002 and 2290, the 100 type 1500 6-wheel trolleybuses have been fitted with left-side doors. The modifications on these only 3-year old BRT vehicles were completed in early 2016. The 6-wheelers, which are 15 m long and where built by the consortium of CAIO and Scania, continue to be used on the other trolleybus lines as well.

In June 2016 an all new, all silver livery was formally presented. The whole fleet is to be repainted in this color concept, with 1594 being the first unit to get such a makeover.

Trolleybus 1594 is one of the first units to sport the new silver livery. Here it is seen near the Tatupé depot: Photo: Samuel Tuzi

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