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Teheran [IR] - Trolleybuses return!

K. Budach - 11.07.16

In March 2016, trolleybus services in the Iranian capital were somewhat surprisingly revitalized, when operations recommenced on a 2 km long test route between Bozorgrah-e-Be'sat and Meydan-e-Khorrasan. Extending the route on parts of the old alignment is now planned.

The trolleybus network in Teheran originally opened in 1995 with Czech support. In 2013, services were discontinued, although the 30 Skoda-built trolleys of the high floor type 15Tr were never scrapped. After initial storage at the Bozorgrah-e-Be'sat depot, several units have now been modernized and re-deployed on the re-opened route.

(With thanks to Peter Haseldine and information provided by the
Trolleybus Magazine: .)

Image: On 6 May 2016, one of the modernized type 15Tr trolleys is seen on the re-opened route in Teheran. Photo: Martin Easteal on behalf of Peter Haseldine

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