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trolley:planung - A brand new BRT trolleybus system for Baoding

K. Budach - 19.09.16

Located about 160 km from the center of Beijing, the city of Baoding is presently getting an all new trolleybus system with BRT features. Two trolleybus routes will eventually operate in the city and benefit from segregated traffic lanes. Line 1 is to run on an east-west-axis from the Baoding East railway station to the Han Dynasty archaeological site in Mancheng County, while line 2 is being built along a north-south path and will eventually connect Da-wang-dian Industrial Park with the long distance bus station Qing-shui-yuan.

70 articulated trolleybuses have therefore been ordered from the domestic supplier

Beijing Foton Auto Industry. Not surprisingly, these new vehicles will be very similar to those already running on Beijing's BRT line 1, including right side doors.

While general construction work just started in mid September 2016, first sections of this electrified BRT network should be ready for revenue service in spring 2017.

Foton articulated trolleys destined for Baoding.
Photo: Zachary Jiang Collection

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