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San Francisco [US] - All 60 articulated trolleys ready for delivery

K. Budach - 27.05.16

Presently, all 60 type Excelsior XT60 articulated trolleybuses have been delivered by the consortium of New Flyer / Vossloh Kiepe. The series has been numbered as 7201-7260, following the successful introduction of the two prototypes in September 2015. In mid November, 7204 entered revenue service, with a steady stream of other vehicles following afterwards.

Although initial results are favorable and the new trolleybuses have gotten good reviews from the operator, no formal decision has been made on additional procurement. Generally, the acquisition of single units is planned and contractual options do exist. In order to test the technical parameters of the type XT40 single units, the Seattle trolleybus 4381 was on loan to San Francisco for one month, completing trials there in February 2016.

In the Bay Area, the new articulated trolleys are predominantly used on line 14 (Daly City), where they support the 33 older ETI 15Tr-SF trolleybuses. Because line 49 is presently out of use, due to roadworks and dismantled power lines along Van Ness Avenue, the new XT60 units have also been deployed on lines 30 (Stockton), 5 and 5R (Fulton Rapid). Line 5R has actually only been in use for the past 2 years and given its operational success, the decision was made to also boost line 2 with a similar rapid service. Counting the new booster lines and taking the disused line 49 into consideration, the San Francisco trolleybus network currently features 13 active routes.

On 16 May 2016, the articulated trolleybus 7209 is seen on 14. Photo: Klaus P. Canavan

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