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Beijing [CN] - Line 22 now with electric services

K. Budach - 11.07.16

On 22 April 2015, a new trolleybus route was inaugurated in the Chinese capital. Initially, however, the new line 22 only featured partial electrification with overhead catenary and articulated diesel buses were still deployed. Until the diesel buses are old enough to be withdrawn and the remaining gaps in the power lines are closed, this operational pattern will likely remain, although now the first Foton single trolleys are also in use. Route 22 uses much of the alignment of route 105 and where no power lines are available, the electric trolleybuses switch to battery mode.

With the activation of this most recent trolley route, the Beijing trolleybus network now consists of 24 lines.

The Foton trolleybus 950204 is seen in revenue service along route 22, which leads from the terminus Qianmen near Tian-an-men Square to Mudanyuan. Photo by Maverick, with thanks to Zachary Jiang.

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