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Makhachkala [RU] - New overland route along the Caspian Sea

J. Lehmann - 05.09.16

On 1 September 2016, the local trolleybus route 12 was successfully extended to the neighboring commune Kaspiysk. The new terminus is located at the edge of this city with a population of 100 000. In total, the extension is 5 km long and features electric power lines over both road lanes. Electrification works had commenced in May 2016 and were still completed during the summer, including the installation of new calling points according to "European" infrastructure standards. Now the trolleybus route 12 has a total length of 20 km and is served by buses running every 25 or 40 minutes. Presently, an intensification of this interval pattern is not planned, though the procurement of 30 new trolleys is on the agenda. Further route extensions within Kaspiysk are also being evaluated, including a link to the regional airport, which is located 10 km from the present terminus.

In Makhachkala, the two ring routes 5 and 6 circle around the city center and run every 8-10 minutes. The other two lines 3 and 8 are 15.5 and 12.4 km long respectively and offer headways of 18-20 or 15-30 minutes. The local trolleybus fleet currently consists of 39 vehicles, including two modern Optima units, which were procured in 2014. These are supplemented by 20 trolleys dating from 2009 and 12 from 2002. The oldest vehicles 193-197 date from 2001 and are part of a series of 5 ZiU type 682.

On 26 July 2016, trolleybus 208 waits at the old terminus of line 12 at the periphery of Makhachkala. This vehicle is one of 12 type VZTM-5284 dating from 2002. Photo: Alim Kazimagomedov.

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