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Chieti [IT] - Trolleys back in service after renewed landslide

J. Lehmann - 25.04.16

Since 3 January 2016, trolleybuses have returned to line 1 after a previous landslide had caused service interruptions and the use of diesel replacements since 27 November 2015. Along Via Colonnetta a support wall was damaged and the catenary severed, forcing the temporary closure of the road even to pedestrians. During that time, the elevated old town of Chieti, located at 330 m above sea level and therefore 200 m higher than the town's railway station, could only be reached on a long detour. Although Via Colonnetta was re-opened to single lane traffic as of 11 December, the trolleybus power lines had to be completely dismounted for proper rectification. Works were completed by late December and once both road lanes were open again to normal traffic, the trolleybus service also re-commenced on New Year's Eve.

Already previously on 3 March 2015, strong rains had caused a landslide on Via Madonna della Misericordi at the namesake bus stop. Back then, the damage to terrain and catenary forced a trolleybus service interruption until summer 2015.

On 13 April 2016, Nr. 305 is seen passing the site of the first landslide on Via Madonna della Misericordia. To the rear, the old town of Chieti and the Cattedrale di San Giustino are visible. The local trolleybus line overcomes an altitude differential of 200 m. Photo: J. Lehmann

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