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Sao Paulo (EMTU) [BR] - Renewal of the 28-year old Marcopolo trolleybuses completed

K. Budach - 11.04.16

All of the 22 remaining Scania/Marcopolo/Powertronics trolleybuses of the 7047-7068 series have now been successfully overhauled. This includes controls, interiors, undercarriage components and livery. All works have been completed as scheduled and should allow the vehicles to last another 10 years in regular service.

The distinctive Marcopolo trolleys were originally built in the late 1980s as part of a larger series of 42 buses destined for the planned network in Belo Horizonte, which never opened. Therefore, the units were later dispersed to Sao Paulo and Rosario, Argentina in 1993/94. The 20 trolleys in Rosario also remain in revenue service and have been overhauled during the past 18 months.

The modernized and repainted Marcopolo trolleybus 7063 is seen on line 290. Photo: Samuel Tuzi

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