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Rosario [AR] - 12 new Russian trolleys on order

K. Budach - 25.03.16

For the past 25 years, the single trolleybus line K has operated in the Argentinian city Rosario. Given the size of this metropolis, the service is often overcrowded. Since 1994, 20 Brazilian-built Marcopolo trolleys have been deployed. These units were actually already produced in 1988 and destined for the planed network in Belo Horizonte, but after that system never opened, they were cascaded to Rosario.

As all of these reliable and popular high-floor vehicles have already completed more than 1 million km each, the operator started to overhaul 19 of the 20 trolleys in 2012. The 20th unit was returned to its original guise and will be preserved on a long term basis as a heritage vehicle. In order to continue modernizing the trolleybus service and introduce low-floor units, Rosario has now placed initial orders for 12 brand-new "Megapolis" type trolleys with the Russian company Trolza. This follows the example previously set by the other Argentinian trolleybus operation in Córdoba. The 12 new Russian trolleys will be fitted with battery packs to allow them to run up to 20 km off wires. The total sales price has been quoted at 4,1 Mio. USD. Thanks to the battery capability, the local authorities hope to extend the trolleybus service and partially electrify line Q. This route already shares some sections with line K and thus could make use of the existing catenary, before switching into battery mode.

One of the Marcopolo trolleybuses in Rosario, showing the current design pattern. Photo: Samuel Fuentes

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