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Kherson/Cherson [UA] - Fleet renewal through pre-used vehicles

K. Budach - 14.03.16

In 2015 the municipal public transport company was able to acquire 2 type YMZ T2 trolleys dating from 2003. These have been the first new vehicles for the local fleet in Cherson since 2008. The entire trolleybus fleet presently consists of 82 units, 48 of which are older ZIU single or articulated buses, with an age between 22 and 31 years. The 20 YMZ T2 are slightly newer, dating from 2001 to 2006. These are complemented by 2 YMZ T1 from 1993 and 2 LAZ E183 low-floor trolleys from 2008. Generally, the fleet is in urgent need of modernization, but this has been restrained by a lack of funding and the difficult economic situation of Ukraine as a whole. The short-term strategy therefore is to buy more pre-used trolleybuses from the capital city Kiev.

Presently, trolleys are used on 7 different lines in Cherson. Since August 2015 a total of 37 are deployed each day in revenue service. The following list provides an overview of how many trolleybuses are required per route:

Line 1: 11 trolleys
Line 3: 6 trolleys
Line 4: 1 trolley
Line 8: 6 trolleys
Line 9: 6 trolleys
Line 11: 1 trolley
Line 12: 6 trolleys

In July 2011, the type YMZ T2 trolley Nr. 477 (built in 2001) is seen near the local trolleybus depot. Similar pre-used units have now been taken over from Kiev. Photo: Gunter Mackinger

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