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Beijing [CN] - More trolleybus lines in service!

K. Budach - 08.02.16

Following the launch of the high capacity trolleybus line BRT 3 a year ago, BRT 1 was formally inaugurated on 22 December 2015. Electric services are somewhat limited by the lack of comprehensive electrification though, as catenary has not been erected over the entire distance of the route, thus requiring the use of auxiliary power. BRT 1 now mainly connects the city center with peripheral districts and so far the articulated buses of the Foton type have been used there.

On 9 January 2016, operations then started on the new trolleybus line 6. This alignment mainly uses the catenary of pre-existing routes, although some new power lines were also put up along the way.

Presently, work continues to electrify the diesel routes 22, 113 and 117. Contrary to the original plans, it has now also been decided to electrify the future BRT 2 route, thus requiring the delivery of additional trolleys.

With these developments in place, the Beijing trolleybus network is quickly emerging as the largest in China with up to 22 lines in regular service. These are: 6, 38, 42, 101-109, 111, 112, 114-116, 118, 124, 127, BRT1 and BRT3.

With thanks to Zachary Jiang for contributing information to this report.

Top: The Foton-built BRT trolleybus B95008 is seen in use on BRT 1, making use of the new catenary.

Bottom: While running on the new trolleybus route 6, the Foton single unit 950155 calls at You-yi Hospital. This stop is also served by trolleybus line 105. Photos by: Song Wenchao.

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