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Budapest [HU] - 36 new trolleybuses replace 30 Ikarus trolleys, which are now for sale

J. Lehmann - 21.12.15

Between mid November and mid December, the latest generation of Solaris trolleys were introduced to regular service in the Hungarian capital. The Trollino 12S vehicles have been locally numbered as 8000-8019, while the Trollino 18S have been classified as 9000-9015. The 36 brand-new units have substantially increased the availability of services with low-floor access. As of the new annual timetable, which went into effect on 21 December 2015, the trolleybus routes 70, 74, 74A, 76, 78 and 79 are now only served by these modern Trollinos. On route 75, every second or third service is run by a low-floor trolleybus. Just the trolley routes 72 and 80-83 mainly retain older, high-floor vehicles.

Just like last year, a special Christmas trolley has operated in the streets of Budapest this Advent. The new unit Nr. 9000 was decorated with little lights and ran over several routes. From 20 December to 6 January the festive service was confined to the special route 74B.

As a result of the fleet modernization process, the first of 10 classic Ikarus trolleybuses have now been withdrawn and are for sale by BKV. Specifically these are units 210, 228, 230, 243, 249, 253, 254, 273, 274 and 280. Please click on the link below for more information about the Ikarus sale.

Top: In September 2015, the vintage Ikarus trolley 228 is still seen in active service on route 83 in Budapest.
Bottom: Also the sister vehicle 254 was still in revenue service as of Sept. 2015, seen here on route 75. Photos: J. Lehmann.

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