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Banska Bystrica [SK] - 4 new SOR/Skoda trolleys delivered

J. Lehmann - 14.12.15

On 16 November 2015, the local mayor as well as the director of the public transport company DPMBB presented the 4 newest trolleybuses to grace the streets of the city. These are 3 articulated trolleys of the Skoda 31Tr type as well as a 30Tr single unit that is identical to the 19 trolleybuses previously delivered in 2011. The 4 new vehicles have been purchased with the support of the national government, which provided funding to the tune of 2 million Euros. The articulated buses have been classified as 3101-3103, while the single unit has been numbered as 3020. All officially entered revenue service on 18 November. The articulated trolleys have been deployed on lines 1 and 3. Thanks to this process of fleet renewal, it is now possible to run all of the regular service diagrams with low-floor trolleys. The older Skoda 14Tr and 15Tr buses have been retained but now only run as reserve vehicles.

The new articulated trolleybus 3101 is seen in regular service on line 1. Photo: Martin MazĂșch

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