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Boston [US] - Modernized trolleybuses back in service

K. Budach - 07.12.15

As previously reported, all 32 articulated trolleys on the MBTA's Silver Line are presently undergoing a mid-life refit. The modernization program should make them fit for another 8-10 years of active service. The vehicles were originally supplied by the consortium of Neoplan USA and Skoda Electric from 2004 to 2006. Skoda is once again in charge for the electric scope of work, while the local company MMA has been tasked with reconditioning the bus bodies and interior fittings.

Recently, the first overhauled DUO trolleys successfully returned to service on the BRT-like Silver Line. Of the 3 different Sliver Line branches, SL1 and SL2 are partially operated in electric mode, where the trolleys make use of overhead power lines. The rest of the network is run in auxiliary diesel mode. As the Silver Line provides a direct link between Logan International Airport and South Station, making use of the Ted Williams Tunnel underneath Boston Harbor, the articulated trolleys are consistently well patronized.

One of the articulated Silver Line trolleys is seen at the Boston South Station stop. Notice the low tunnel ceiling with fully fitted catenary, allowing the buses to run in electric mode there. Photo: Robert Schwandl

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