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Seattle [US] - New trolleys prove their worth in revenue service

K. Budach - 14.12.15

Following the successful completion of extensive trial runs, the first 5 single units of the Xcelsior XT40 type entered regular service in August 2015. In the mean time, more than 30 have been introduced to squadron service on all routes of the local network. So far so good, as reliability has been very high and there are no major issues to report. As part of the fleet renewal process, the older single units of the previous trolleybus generation are now being withdrawn. These were supplied by the American bus builder Gillig in 2001, although they used a lot of electrical equipment from the earlier 1979 series of Flyer trolleys.

The new articulated trolleybuses of the Xcelsior XT60 type have not yet entered revenue service in Seattle. The prototype remains on trials. Eventually 110 single units and 64 articulated buses will be delivered. This is part of the large joint procurement that Seattle is making together with San Francisco. In case all available contract options were to be utilized, up to 530 new vehicles could eventually be supplied.

On 15 September 2015, the New Flyer Xcelsior E40LF Nr. 4335 is seen in use on SeattleĀ’s line 13. Photo: Peter Ehrlich

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