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Sao Paulo (EMTU) [BR] - Metra purchases 10 more articulated trolleybuses

K. Budach - 18.11.15

EMTU, the operator of the public transport network in the suburbs south of Sao Paulo, has ordered another 10 articulated trolleys. The vehicles are due for delivery in January 2016. They will be 3-axle buses of the "Millenium BRT" type, built by the consortium of Mercedes-Benz/CAIO/WEG Eletra. 20 virtually identical trolleybuses were already acquired in 2013 and numbered as 8160-8180.

The new units will be used to boost services on those electrified BRT lines, where a segregated bus lane is available. Even though an additional 11 km of electrified BRT routes were added in 2012, some diesel buses still had to be used under the power lines, as not enough electric trolleys were available. The present order makes up for this fleet shortage.

The previously presented, 22.9 m long prototype of an "XL" articulated trolleybus has remained with its manufacturer for trial purposes. As of now, Metra has not placed any further orders for this bus type.

8175 is one of the modern articulated trolleybuses already in use on the EMTU network. Here it is seen while running on line 288. Photo: Samuel Tuzi

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