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trolley:planung - Stavanger: County Council approved proposal to introduce BRT trolleybuses

K. Budach - 11.11.15

Trolleybuses will operate between Sandnes and Stavanger in Nord Jären in Norway from the summer of 2021. The decision was made by the Rogaland County Council on 20th October 2015. The bus lanes, which are currently being built in Nord Jären, shall be 45 km long in total upon completion and thereby Europe’s most extensive BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system. The choice of vehicle type has been investigated over the past one and a half years, during which all possible options have been considered. The requirement of the bus route is to accommodate 18-24 meter long buses which run with high dependability and should have a proven record of operation. In the end, the choice stood between diesel buses and trolleybuses as the only options which fulfilled the criteria.

Trolleybuses Chosen to Minimise Environmental Impact

The choice of an electric trolleybus system was made, by a large majority, as it will reduce the environmental impact of the system. Nord Jären will therefore have one of Europe’s largest trolleybus systems. Meanwhile battery electric buses and biogas buses are being studied for use on the secondary bus network in Nord Jären as a complement to the new BRT bus route. Trivector have assisted Rogaland County Council over the past two years with designing a good transport network with a focus on reliability. The work will now proceed with an application for a government grant for the trollybus infrastructure. Trivector will continue to support Rogaland with knowledge on trolleybus operations and carry out an in-depth study over the coming year before the procurement of the system.
(Press Note Trivector)

Photo: Simulation of the situation in the city center of Stavanger in 2021 with the new BRT trolleybus system in full operation. Picture provided by Trivector

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