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Bern [CH] - Trolleybus line 11 extended to Insel hospital and Holligen terminus

J. Lehmann - 21.12.15

Since the timetable change on 13 December 2015, the local trolleybus line 11 has been extended to the major medical center in the west of the city, thus terminating at the new stop Holligen. Roughly 700 m of road have been newly wired, in order to connect the Insel hospital to the trolleybus network. The new infrastructure was ceremoniously unveiled on 8 December 2015. Much of the work coincided with the comprehensive rebuild of the major traffic artery Freiburgstrasse. Until August 2015, merely a few catenary masts had been mounted, with most of the electrification efforts taking place during the fall.

An additional 600 m extension as far as Warmbächliweg has already been decided. According to original plans, the project was supposed to be implemented by late 2017, but that target date has now slipped to 2020 or later. According to the municipal engineer Hans-Peter Wyss, the timescale still depends on receiving building permits and resolving potential objections. Eventually, line 11 will connect to a new residential settlement at Warmbächliweg, which is being built on the former site of a waste incinerator.

Güterbahnhof, the old terminus of line 11 is now no longer served by trolleybuses and instead postal buses call there. Thanks to the deployment of four different postal bus lines along the Murtenstrasse corridor, an intensive headway can still be offered for passengers bound for Güterbahnhof.

Instead of serving the local freight yard at Güterbahnhof, Bern’s trolleybus line Nr. 11 now terminates at Holligen and serves the city’s largest hospital complex. On this picture SwissTrolley Nr. 13 is seen arriving at Inselspital. Photo: Felix Reiser

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