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Modena [IT] - Trolleybuses return to line 6

J. Lehmann - 14.03.16

After more than a year of absence, trolleybuses were re-deployed on line 6 on 29 February 2016. This followed a decision taken by the city council on 26 January, following lengthy debate. Several parties had voiced concern, that the vibration from passing trolleys could damage various historically valuable yet fragile buildings along the way. Based on the compromise decision taken, the buses have been allowed to return but must pass several spots at reduced speed. Additionally, the local decision-makers believe that the advance in battery technology will allow the unpopular power lines in the old town to be dismantled in a few years time, pleasing those that object to them on aesthetic grounds.

In order for the local trolleys to re-commence revenue services on line 6, about 1 km of newly installed power lines along Via Buon Pastore had to be certified and commissioned beforehand. Because the catenary has not yet been rectified at Via della Zodico and the terminus of trolleybus line 11, electric services have not yet recommenced on this route, following the operational hiatus since early February 2015. Therefore, diesel buses continue to serve line 11 at present.

Top: On 30 March 2014, Neoplan trolley 01 passes the landmark Duomo in the old town of Modena.
Bottom: Trolleybus 013 is one of 14 units delivered in 1986/87 by the consortium of Fiat/Socimi/Albiero. As of mid March 2016, the vehicle has returned to active service on the streets of Modena. On this picture dating from 30 March 2014, the trolleybus is seen in use on line 11A, which presently is still served by diesel buses. Photos: J├╝rgen Lehmann

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