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Gdynia [PL] - 3 more Solaris trolleys on order

J. Lehmann - 25.11.15

On 2 October 2015, an announcement was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, confirming the selection of Solaris as the supplier of an additional trolleybus. This follows the previous order for 2 more 12-meter long single units, which was already placed in July 2015. All 3 of these new trolleys will be fitted with lithium-ion batteries for off-wire range extension. Delivery to the Polish port city is expected to be complete by late March 2016.

In early November 2015, one of the old Mercedes-Benz diesel buses that had been converted to a trolleybus left Gdynia on a low-loader. Together with 2 other such units, it has been sold to Lutsk in Ukraine, where it will help lower the average age of the local trolleybus fleet there. Specifically, the buses in question are Mercedes-Benz O405NE 3047, the low-floor Jelcz/PNTKM M121E Nr. 3004 from 1999 and the high-floor Jelcz/PNTKM 120MT Nr. 3080 from 1999 as well. In exchange, a ZiU 682 was imported from Ukraine to Poland. Built in 1984, this vehicle will become an addition to the heritage fleet in Gdynia.

Top: More trolleybuses with powerful battery packs will be delivered to Gdynia in early 2016. One such unit is Solaris/Medcom Nr. 3087, which was produced in 2014. In July 2015, the modern unit is seen in revenue service on line 21.
Bottom: On its way to Lutsk, Ukraine with trolleybus 3080, the low-load truck takes a break in Lublin. Photos: Bohdan Turżański

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