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Bologna [IT] - New Crealis trolleys in service

J. Lehmann - 23.02.16

Following a 10 month block due to construction work, Via Ugo Bassi was re-opened for public bus services on 1 December 2015. Since then, the trolleybus lines 13 and 14 have been able to run again on their regular routes. In early February 2016, the first new Crealis/Skoda articulated trolleys entered revenue service, followed by the squadron introduction of four Irisbus articulated units on line 13 a few days later. According to reports in the local press, Nr. 1107 suffered a breakdown early on, although the problem was comparatively minor with only a plastic component on one of the vehicle doors requiring replacement. As such, the trolley was back in service the next day. The new Crealis trolleybuses, which are fitted with a centrally located driver's seat and an automated guidance system, will replace the 49 older Civis units.

From June to December 2015, the new Bologna trolleybuses completed their extensive testing and commissioning program. This photo shows unit 1103 on one such trial run. Photo source:

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