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Cagliari [IT] - First VanHool trolleybus presented

J. Lehmann - 23.09.15

As part of the European Week for Sustainable Mobility, the local operator CTM unveiled the first new VanHool A330 T trolleybus in mid September. The vehicle has been numbered as 719 and badged up with vinyls promoting the European ZeEUs project. Equipped with a 118 kw Iveco Tector Euro 6 auxiliary diesel motor, the unit is one of the 10 new buses to be fitted without battery packs. Just 4 of the new VanHool trolleys actually have off-wire range extension with batteries.

All 14 of the Belgian-built trolleys are expected to be delivered by early November 2015. As of late September, the first 3 had already arrived on the Italian island. The delivery of 2 additional Solaris Trollino is planned for January 2016. These battery-fitted trolleys have been funded by the ZeEUS program and are scheduled to start revenue services in February 2016. They will enable the 3 km long extension of line 5 to Poetto without the use of catenary.

On 19 September 2015, the brand-new VanHool trolleybus Nr 719 is presented to the public at Via Roma in Cagliari. Photo courtesy of CTM.

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