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Bergen [NO] - All 6 trolleybuses overhauled

J. Lehmann - 21.10.15

As the last of the 6 local trolleybuses, Nr. 8199 has been successfully reconditioned. The unit returned to revenue service in September, after body work and running gear maintenance were completed in Estonia to the tune of 500 000 Crowns per vehicle (roughly 54 000 Euros). The MAN/Neoplan/Kiepe trolleys were originally procured in 2003 and now sport the new livery of the regional public transport authority Skyss. The revamped seat upholstery in the trolleys matches those of the Bybanen trams. Already in May 2015, the Deputy Mayor of Bergen had been able to present the first overhauled bus to the public, when Nr. 8196 was re-introduced.

Thanks to the renewed availability of the entire trolleybus fleet, it is once again possible to deploy 5 units on line 2, freeing up previously allocated diesel buses for other services. During the afternoon, a 15-minute headway is offered on line 2, while a more intensive 10-minute interval is implemented during rush hour.


Following the overhaul in Estonia, only Bergen trolley 8198 (top photo) has kept uncovered wheels. The other 5 units have all been fitted with wheel covers, as these allow for easier cleaning and improved maintenance. Trolleybus 8196 is one such example (bottom picture). Both photos: Peter Sohns, 17 August 2015

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