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Hangzhou [CN] - Fourth trolleybus line launched

J. Lehmann - 04.01.16

Following the successful electrification of line 188 just in time for the International Car Free Day on 22 September, a fourth urban trolleybus line was officially inaugurated on 20 December 2015. The new trolleybus route 153 covers the previous alignment of the diesel bus line 333. For roughly 50% of the way, the trolleybuses on the new line run under previously existing catenary, the rest of the journey is then made in battery mode. In other words, no new power lines were put up as part of the expansion of the local trolleybus network. Quite to the contrary, the capacity of the substations had also remained unchanged and in oder to achieve equally distributed power usage, about half of all other trolleybus services also run in battery mode under the wires.

The municipal fleet now consists of a total of 150 trolley/battery buses. A series of 750 e-buses is presently on order and expected to arrive soon, these are being built by the Chinese producer BYD. Once they are in service, they will help boost the local modal split to 86% in favor of electric bus traction.

Top: The first trolleybus on the new route 153 (here in battery mode with the sticks down) stands next to the last diesel bus to run on the former route 333. Photo from the forum:
Bottom: A schematic network plan showing the four battery/trolleybus lines in Hangzhou.
With thanks to Zachary Jiang for this information contribution.

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