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Cordoba [AR] - First new Russian trolleys arrive

K. Budach - 23.09.15

After months of political debate, the first new Russian trolleybuses have arrived at the port of Zarate in Buenos Aires. Following customs formalities, the first 2 Trolza-built buses will be transported further west to C├│rdoba. Additional units are already en route to Argentina and presently at sea.

The political controversy over the Russian procurement centered mainly around the concept of purchasing foreign equipment, when modern domestic trolleybuses from the Argentinian manufacturer Materfer would have also been available. Opposition to the foreign order came especially from local union representatives and coincided with the general Argentinian policy of import restrictions.

From the small series of new Russian trolleybuses, 5 of the 7 vehicles are of the conventional "Optima" design. Just 2 are low-floor vehicles of the "Megapolis" type, fitted with powerful lithium-ion battery packs for range extension. During trials at the Trolza plant in Engels, Russia, these buses have successfully run at full power for up to 72 km off wire, without re-charging. On its home market, Trolza has already supplied 10 such battery trolleys to Naltchik and a further 16 to Tula. The company is now hoping for more export orders.

One of the Megapolis units destined for C├│rdoba is seen at the Trolza factory in Engels, Russia. (Trolza works photo.)

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