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Stara Zagora [BG] - First new units in revenue service

K. Budach - 24.08.15

All 14 of the Skoda Electric 26Tr/Solaris Trollino 12 units with a 50 kW back-up diesel motor have now arrived in Bulgaria. Following initial trials, the first 10 units have been successfully deployed in regular service. These 14 newest vehicles have been numbered as 1039-1052, successively following the previous series of 8 modern trolleybuses, which Skoda Electric delivered in 2014. .

Since September 2015, all local trolleybus services in Stara Zagora can be operated with a low floor vehicle, thanks to the complete withdrawal of the older generation of high floor trolleys.

On 21 August 2015, the new trolleybus 1040 is seen in revenue service in Stara Zagora. There are just a few minor visual details that distinguish these latest low-floor units from the earlier series of 8 modern trolleys supplied by Skoda Electric in 2014. In the rear, unit 1032 can be seen. Photo: Todor Gaydov

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