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Banska Bystrica [SK] - 4 new trolleys by autumn 2015

J. Lehmann - 03.08.15

Following a renewed call for tenders and a reduction in the number of required articulated vehicles, Skoda Electric has won the contract for 3 “bendy” trolleybuses and one single unit. Delivery is expected to take place in late 2015.

The new trolleys will be of the same 30Tr type as the 19 vehicles that were previously delivered by the Czech consortium of Skoda and SOR in 2011. This will allow the local operator to replace the last Skoda 14Tr, which still date from the inaugural year of the Banska Bystrica trolleybus network in 1989. At present, the 14Tr units Nr. 1001, 1003, 1005 and 1007 still are in active service, as are the 15Tr buses Nr. 1501, 1512, 1518, 1523, 1528, 1529. The modern Skoda 30Tr units have been numbered as 3001-3019. The articulated trolleybuses are mainly used on lines 1 and 3, allowing the introduction of low-floor access on those routes.

On 18 June 2012, Nr. 3010 is seen in revenue service on line 3. This is one of the 19 type 30Tr units produced by Skoda and SOR. Photo: Andrzej Soczówka

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