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Vaslui [RO] - Relaunch in sight!

K. Budach - 07.10.15

After several years of planning, the City of Vaslui has now initiated concrete steps to restart trolleybus operations on the previously mothballed network. Repairs have been made to the catenary and power supply system. A brand new trolleybus depot has also been built and linked up to the rest of the network with newly installed overhead wires. Previously, the city lacked such a facility and the trolleybuses were usually stabled on the streets, where also minor maintenance was performed.

The renewal and relaunch of the local trolleybus system is being supported by EU funds. The restart of electric public transportation is expected to improve local quality of life by providing, cleaner, greener and more comfortable mobility choices for the regional population. Significant savings in energy consumption and greater operational efficiency are also expected as part of the trolleybus relaunch.

As of now, no new vehicles have been ordered, although 5 to 6 modern buses will eventually be required. As a short to medium term measure, 3 cascaded trolleybuses from Salzburg have been acquired. These articulated buses arrived in Romania in early September 2015.

Trolleybus operations originally started in Vaslui in May 1994 and ended in June 2009, due to the poor condition of infrastructure and vehicles. Of the 5 previously deployed Rocar trolleys, 3 are still in the city, although they have been seriously neglected during the past few years.

The articulated Salzburg trolleys 226, 212 and 204 dating from 1991, 1993 and 1994 are seen leaving the city, en route to Romania. Each of these vehicles has run for more than a million kilometers already. In Austria, they have been replaced by newer units. Photo: Mattis Schindler